"Do you do any product testing on animals?"
Never! We're  100% cruelty-free.
Do you ship internationally?
If this is your first time purchasing, please note that orders shipped internationally may be subject to duties and customs fee upon receipt.  Pudaier Cosmetics is not responsible for these additional fees as they are the responsibility of the recipient.  We recommend contacting your customs office to determine what these additional costs may be. These fees are not included in your order and shipping total. Pudaier assumes no responsibility for duties incurred on discounted, promotional or gives away items. The parcel recipient must pay all fees.
"Can you mark my package as a 'Gift' or list a lower total on my customs form so that I don't have to pay customs/duties fees?"
Nooooo. No, no, no. We wish so badly that we could... we want to that customs/duties fees didn't even exist, because how sweet would that be?? Unfortunately, this practice is super illegal, and we're really into following international shipping requirements to ensure that your package reaches you safe and sound -- following this requirement is one of the reasons it's so rare that we ever have issues with international delivery! Please don't email us requesting this, because the answer will always be the same. You can also check out our shipping page for more info about international shipping!
"Is it safe to pay by credit card?”
Absolutely! Pudaiershop.com is committed to protecting your personal information and providing a secure online shopping experience. We use industry-standard encryption and password protection technologies such as an SSL (Secure Socket Layer). We use a super-secure checkout with SSL (secure sockets layer) certs to encrypt all of your info (you'll see that little "https://" in your URL bar at checkout), and we never store your credit card info. If you prefer to check out with PayPal, we've got that option at checkout too.
Can I change the shipping address for my order?
We are only able to change shipping addresses for orders that have not been processed for shipping. If your order has not been processed and the new delivery address is within the same country, kindly email sales@pudaiershop.com. As we are only able to make changes to your order if it has not yet entered the packing process. 
My shipment is damaged or missing content. What should I do now?   
Before accepting delivery, we highly recommend inspecting your package for any signs of damage. Once you sign and accept the delivery, it confirms that you received the package in good condition. If the outer packaging appears damaged in such a way that the contents could have also been damaged, we strongly recommend you decline the delivery. And contact our customer service email sales@pudaiershop.com
Return Policy
Unfortunately, due to the low-cost nature of our products, we are unable to offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. All sales are final. Pudaier reserves the right to refuse any returns at any time.